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Isaac Nightingale is a solo international project of musician, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, music producer, singer-songwriter and composer Vadim Kapustin.

Isaac Nightingale is a multi-genre music project performed with live sound, accompanied by professional, highly skilled musicians.

For 12 years, Vadim was the frontman and songwriter of the international project Triangle Sun, which became the first Russian band included in the world-famous music collections Café del Mar, Buddha Bar and many other cult collections around the world.

Vadim’s achievements include becoming a headliner of the festival Global Gathering (London), a resident of the legendary club Café del Mar (Ibiza), and winner of the Golden Gargoyle award for the best electronic project of the year. A remix of Vadim’s song “I believe in Life,” co-written with Saterna, was performed by Armin van Buuren in his program “A State Of Trance.” Some of Vadim’s other songs were performed in remixed versions by world famous DJs like Steve Brian and Bitoko.

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